Baltimore Guests

AlienCon Baltimore is assembling an unparalleled lineup of authors, scientists, stars, and fan favorites from Ancient Aliens®, pop culture, and beyond to discuss the unexplained mysteries of the universe. Explore the impact that ancient civilizations and extraterrestrials have had throughout history, as well as in some of the most popular films, television shows, and more.

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Jenna Coleman

Actor: Doctor Who

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Michael Dorn

Actor: Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Robert Picardo

Actor: Star Trek: Voyager

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Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Co-Executive Producer, Ancient Aliens, Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine

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Erich von Däniken

Author, Chariots of the Gods

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Emery Smith

Extraterrestrial Biological Analyst

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David Childress

Ancient Civilizations expert

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Linda Moulton Howe

Investigative Reporter, Documentary Filmmaker

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Nick Pope

British Government UFO Investigator

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Ramy Romany

Egyptologist, documentarian

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Travis Taylor

Aerospace Engineer

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William Henry

Investigative Mythologist

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Rabbi Ariel B. Tzadok

Kabbalah religious expert

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Mike Bara

New York Times bestselling author

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Richard Dolan

Researcher, Historian, and UFO Writer

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Caroline Cory

Filmmaker, Author, Regression expert

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Kevin Burns

Creator, Executive Producer, Ancient Aliens

Robert Clotworthy

Narrator, Ancient Aliens

Ryan Sprague

Author, screenwriter, and playwright

Jason McClellan

UFO journalist and author

Stephen Bassett

Executive Director, Paradigm Research Group

Gregory Possman

Spiritual advisor and channeler

John E. Brandenburg

Plasma Physicist

Hugh Newman

Author and world explorer

Paul Hynek

HISTORY’S Project Blue Book

Arturo Interian

HISTORY’S Project Blue Book

David O’Leary

HISTORY’S Project Blue Book

Frank J. Bennett

Author, Encounter with The Aberdeen Wildman

Paul Booth

Professor and Author, Fan Phenomena: Doctor Who

Dr. David Floyd

Professor and Author

George J. Haas

Founding Member of the Cydonia Institute, Co-Author of The Martian Codex

Vernon Quinton Murray

Author of The Yucatan Hall of Records: Chichen Itza’s Time Traveler Cult

Alejandro Rojas


Sev Tok

You Have the Right to Talk to Aliens