Baltimore Guests

AlienCon Baltimore is assembling an unparalleled lineup of authors, scientists, archaeologists and fan favorites from Ancient Aliens® and beyond to discuss the unexplained mysteries surrounding ancient civilizations, extraterrestrial life, paranormal theory, and so much more.

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Past AlienCon guests include:

David Duchovny

Actor, The X-Files

Sean Astin

Actor, Stranger Things, The Goonies, The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Jonathan Del Arco

Actor, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Angela Cartwright

Actor, Lost In Space

Marta Kristen

Actor, Lost In Space

Bill Mumy

Actor, Lost In Space

Maxwell Jenkins

Actor, Netflix’s Lost In Space

Gates McFadden

Actor, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Robert Picardo

Actor, Star Trek: Voyager

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Co-Executive Producer, Ancient Aliens, Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine

Erich Von Däniken

Author, Chariots of the Gods

David Childress

Ancient Civilizations expert

William Henry

Investigative Mythologist

Nick Pope

Journalist, leading UFO expert

Jason Martell

Ancient Civilization Technologies expert

Jonathan Young

Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives

Linda Moulton Howe

Investigative Reporter, Documentary Filmmaker

Rabbi Ariel B. Tzadok

Kabbalah religious

Mike Bara

New York Times bestselling author

Ramy Romany

Egyptologist, Documentarian

Robert Clotworthy

Narrator, Ancient Aliens