Los Angeles Guests

AlienCon 2019 is assembling an unparalleled lineup of authors, scientists, archaeologists, and fan favorites from Ancient Aliens® and beyond to discuss the unexplained mysteries surrounding ancient civilizations, extraterrestrial life, paranormal theory, and so much more.

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Kevin Burns

Creator, Executive Producer, Ancient Aliens


Alejandro Rojas

Researcher and Journalist


Jason McClellan

UFO journalist and author


Ryan Sprague

Author, screenwriter, and playwright


Stephen Bassett

Stephen Bassett

Executive Director, Paradigm Research Group


Seth Shostak

Seth Shostak

Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute


Gregory Possman

Gregory Possman

Spiritual advisor and channeler


John Brandenburg

John Brandenburg

Plasma Physicist


Paul Hynek

Paul Hynek

HISTORY’S Project Blue Book


Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan

Researcher, Historian, and UFO Writer



Robert Clotworthy

Narrator, Ancient Aliens



Jeremy Corbell

Investigative Filmmaker



Sean Jablonski

Showrunner, Executive Producer, Writer, Project Blue Book



Paola Harris

Photojournalist, investigative reporter and author



George Knapp

Investigative journalist



Peter Levenda

Author, investigator and historian



Thomas Winterton

Skinwalker Ranch



Bryant Arnold

Skinwalker Ranch



Jim Morse

Skinwalker Ranch



Jim Segala

Skinwalker Ranch



Anthony Lappé

Producer, Unidentified