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AlienCon Presents: Mysterious Encounters

Thursday, October 29 - 8:00 PM ET

Honoring a long tradition of exploring the unknown, our next AlienCon event welcomes a team of paranormal investigators to talk to us about everything from real lifetheir experiences investigating haunted houses to their latest research in spectral activity. We will ask the question -- could ghosts be extraterrestrial? This experienced group of experts, Mustafa Gatollari, Richel Stratton, Daryl Marston. Brian Murray and Brandon Alvis, have traveled the country engaging forensic experts, historical researchers, and using the most innovative technology available, to help people who are struggling with unexplained supernatural phenomena. Find out how they see this research and the evidence they have uncovered through the perspective of the AlienCon universe.

Mustafa Gatollari

Paranormal Investigator

Richel Stratton

Paranormal Investigator

Daryl Marston

Paranormal Investigator

Brian Murray

Paranormal Investigator

Brandon Alvis

Parnormal Investigator