Mysterious Encounters

Issue 2: October 26, 2020

Mysterious Encounters

The origins of our modern-day Halloween can be traced back to the ancient pagan festival of Samhain, filled with mysterious rituals. During Samhain, the veil between the physical world and the spirit world could be breached, opening a door to other dimensions and unleashing the forces of the undead among us.

The Mystery of the Aleya Ghost Lights

For centuries, residents of India’s West Bengal, which borders Bangladesh, have spoken with fearful trepidation of the strange display of flickering lights over the dark swamps, ghostly orbs that simply cannot be explained. Some scientists claim they are caused by pockets of methane gas, but for many locals, there’s a much more terrifying explanation. The lights represent the ghostly souls of dead fisherman who’ve tragically lost their lives navigating the bogs and marshes that surround the region.

Their spirits are unwilling—or unable—to rest in peace. Because they are trapped in a spectral dimension, they in turn attempt to entrap others. Local lore is filled with tales of fishermen who were transfixed by the lights and blindly followed them, only to meet their own grisly deaths, their drowned bodies mysteriously washing up on the shore.

Tales of ghosts and spectral apparitions are as old as civilization itself. Ghosts appear in the pages of the 4,000-year-old Mesopotamian epic, Gilgamesh, as well as the stories of the Greek poet Homer. Even Shakespeare’s work is full of ghostly characters. The Aleya lights are among hundreds of similarly unexplained phenomena found in places around the world. They are just one variety of ghostly encounter, so you have your pick of which to believe. According to a 2018 Economist/YouGov poll 54% of all Americans believe in ghosts. But 68% percent say they've encountered one—meaning even some who don't believe have had paranormal experiences.

Many people who believe they’ve had a ghostly experience don’t describe seeing what we would consider a traditional ghost figure. They may hear groans or whistles or disembodied voices making unintelligible sounds. They may see objects move across a room by themselves or lights or machines mysteriously turn on and off. There have been reports of sudden smells from no apparent source or a strangely cold area in an otherwise temperate space.

Any of these indicators create the eerie sensation that something unexplainable is around us. These mysterious encounters can lead to a wide range of emotions, including confusion, uncertainty, terror or even joy at the possibility of reconnecting with departed loved ones. But the presence of the unknown—especially the unseen—leaves many searching for answers.

We may not be able to see these ghostly figures but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing there, or that they aren’t real. What we can see with the human eye is extremely limited and may prevent us from witnessing spirit beings from a different, hidden reality.

Some researchers and scientists believe there could be parallel dimensions that exist beyond our own. What if that were true? If there really are other life forms beyond our own physical reality and we cross paths with them—who knows how they would manifest to us, or how we would react.

Paranormal researchers and skeptics alike have been puzzled by the reported ability of entities to inhabit physical form yet are capable of passing through physical barriers, like walls and doors. Is this an indication that they have the capability to move from one dimension to another, quickly appearing and disappearing again? Is this because they have mastered skills in changing their molecular makeup? Are they traveling through portals that we cannot see?

If so, then these beings may have participated in our world for thousands of years. That might explain descriptions of history’s earliest “ghostly” encounters with angels and demons in religious texts like the Bible and the Koran. Could these entities actually be visitors from a parallel dimension? If these beings have the ability to travel across interdimensional highways to access our universe, will we ever be able to cross over into theirs?

As scientists, researchers and technologists continue to investigate, someday we may be able to address our unanswered questions regarding these mysterious encounters. And someday we will solve the mystery and terror of the Aleya ghost lights that haunt the swamps of West Bengal.

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